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Statement for the Record, House Committee on Ways and Means hearing on No Surprises Act implementation, September 19,2023

Mon, September, 18th, 2023

Families USA Action submitted this Statement for the Record for the September 19, 2023 House Committee on Ways and Means hearing entitled “Reduced Care for Patients: Fallout from Flawed Implementation of Surprise Medical Billing Protections.” In it, Families USA Action explains that the No Surprises Act has dual purposes of protecting people from out-of-network surprise medical bills and protecting them from rising health care costs caused by industry exploitation.

Corporate interests have sought to undermine the No Surprises Act, filing lawsuits, flooding the Independent Dispute Resolution system with claims, and advocating for altered rulemaking, However, as America’s health care affordability crisis continues to grow, Families USA Action calls on Congress to remain steadfast in protecting consumers from surprise medical bills and rising health care costs.

Click here to read the Statement

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