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Consumer Comments on No Surprises Act Part II Interim Final Rule

Mon, December, 6th, 2021

Today, Families USA Action led 25 organizations in submitting comments to the administration on the most recent rulemaking that will implement the landmark No Surprises Act. The letter was signed by national, state, and regional organizations representing patients and consumers who have been plagued by the uncertainty and financial burden of surprise medical bills.

The administration’s recent rulemaking will take consumers out of industry disputes that previously saddled them with unconscionable surprise bills, and will further provide families with financial security by reining in industry abuses that lead to high premiums and out of pocket health care costs.

These comments support the design of the independent dispute resolution (IDR) process that will settle payments between providers and insurers. Specifically, we appreciate that the primary consideration in the IDR process is based on local, in-network rates. This central market-driven value for reimbursement negotiations will ensure fair payment to providers, while helping to reduce overall health care costs for patients. These comments also provide recommendations around external appeals and protections for the uninsured.

Surprise medical bills have plagued consumers for decades and have left families on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars for bills they had no way to avoid and are often unable to pay. Finally, starting January 1, consumers will have peace of mind that they will not be subject to egregious out-of-network balance bills when they’re seeking emergency care or non-emergency care in many situations, including air ambulance.

Click here to read the Letter.

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