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Surprise Billing Protections Belong in Congress’ Next COVID-19 Relief Package

Tue, April, 21st, 2020

As our nation confronts a public health and economic threat greater than any we’ve seen in a century, every family is struggling to understand and manage the devastating and far-ranging effects of COVID-19. During this crisis, families need unfettered access to health care services. And, with unemployment higher than it’s been in decades and widespread economic uncertainty, we also must ensure the financial security of America’s families as they seek and receive medical care.

Unanticipated health care costs, like surprise medical bills, not only financially devastate families but also create a terrible chilling effect on the willingness and ability of families to seek screening and treatment during this pandemic. Moreover, as Congress and the federal government provide hundreds of billions of dollars to hospitals, doctors, and other medical providers to support their financial security, it is critical that these same providers safeguard the physical and financial health of the families they are treating by eliminating all surprise medical bills.


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