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Keep the No Surprises Act Intact!

A father watches over his wife and child who lay on a hospital bed, while a doctor speaks to the family

Since the No Surprises Act (NSA) went into effect over two years ago, this law has protected millions of consumers from unexpected out-of-network medical bills. But greedy corporate provider groups are trying to weaken and undermine the law. We must protect the NSA from bad actors and expand upon its protections so that all of us can sleep at night knowing we won’t be saddled with an unfair, surprise medical bill.


You can help to keep the law strong by thanking federal officials for the protections, telling people in your community about their rights, telling us your story if you received a surprise bill that was later resolved, and reporting any violations with the law. Watch this website and sign up for our action alerts to learn more.

An infographic that has the following information:

How the No Surprises Act Protects You

What the no surprises act protects you from.

The No Surprises Act (NSA) protects you from unexpected balance bills related to:

Emergency care and post-stabilization care.

Air ambulance services.

Care at an in-network hospital or ambulatory surgical center - you can't be billed out-of-network rates by providers in those facilities unless the provider notifies you in advance and your consent.

The NSA also gives rights to uninsured patients to get an estimate of their charges upfront.

The federal government provides more information about these rights and how to file a complaint. Visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website at

Expanding NSA Protections

We do not yet have federal protections against:

Surprise out of network ground ambulance bills.

Bills in urgent care facilities.

Advocates continue to work on these issues.

The No Surprises Act

Signed into law in 2020, the No Surprises Act protects consumers from most out-of-network surprise medical bills and helps to rein in health care costs.

Keep the No Surprises Act Intact

The No Surprises Act is the law of the land, but a lot could happen during implementation that could either keep the No Surprises Act intact and families protected or weaken it and leave families vulnerable to surprise medical bills and rising health care costs.

The Biden Administration built upon the law that was passed by Congress by going through a strong rulemaking process, which incorporated critical feedback from consumers, providers, and stakeholders across the country. This feedback has helped to ensure strong protections for those seeking medical care, and reasonable guidelines for those providing care.

Still, opponents are trying to weaken the No Surprises Act. Help us keep it intact.

Your partnership and thoughtfulness during this ongoing implementation process is vital to keeping the act intact. No matter if this is your first time considering the impacts of surprise medical bills or if you have been working on this policy priority for years, every voice on this issue matters!

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